Meet Remy

Have you ever loved anything so much that you want to be around it or them
all the time? Well our Remy is one such creature. She makes no judgments,
loves you unconditionally, is very aware of the beauty that surrounds her
and thrives on being a part of everyone's life. 
She is kind, full on and loyal. Hence, when it came to naming
our Boutique Store, Remy was the obvious choice. 
This is where the fabulous name, Remy’s Place, came from.
A gorgeous puppy who was around her Human Mum everyday during the initial concept and design, and months of renovation . She never strayed and was always helpful with transferring paints, tools or deciding on which colour and fabric was most comfortable to relax on. If ever there were decisions to be made, Remy seemed to be the deciding vote. Hence it became REMY'S Place. 
Remy lives a life of glamour and comfort with her people The Vasils,
and her fave gal pal Holly. 
She loves cuddles, sleeps, walks with her Mum and Dad, and her very favourite time of the day is sitting back with the family at dinner time.
She adores popping into Remy’s Place to meet all her stylish friends, so drop in and you might just catch her helping out with the in-store Styling and Design.